The Bee Hive

Everyone knows that a beeline is the shortest distance between two points. Bee Line Courier Service is a company on a mission to prove it will save you in delivery costs.

Our team of experienced management and independent contractors provide courier service to over 80% of all medical facilities in the region. The hives dispatch and customer service department is staffed 24/7/365.

Bee Line provides service to Hospitals, Medical Practices, Pharmaceutical Companies, Parts houses, Ad agencies, printing companies, and will customized delivery to just about any industry.

To start saving, give Bee Line’s friendly customer service a buzz at (502) 964-9969 and tell them where your package is and where you’d like it to be. You won’t get any confusing information or complicated restrictions on pickup and delivery; just great customer service, friendly, independent contractors and accurate, on-time deliveries.

If you’d rather schedule a pickup and delivery online and you already have an account, you can do so here.