The Hive Team

Louie Seger


Seger founded Bee Line in 1992 after working for a competitor for several years, since the start, Bee Line has become a dominate competitor in KY, OH,and IN. Seger is also President of Out of the Box Logistics, which line hauls auto parts in 17 states to different hubs, and president of Kingbee LLC specializing in Pharmaceutical delivery and warehousing.

Jay Baumert

Director of Operations

Baumert has 30 years of Logistic management experience, is part owner of large courier service as well as of Out of the Box Logistics, and oversees day to day operations at all 3 companies.

Laura Seger


Seger has been with Bee Line since start and oversees all accounting in each company.

Casey Thompson


Thompson recruits new contractors, oversees scheduling, routes, and assists in day to day operations.